Nutrients in omlet, fried and boiled egg

Nutrients in omlet, fried and boiled egg 

Almost everyone love eggs, but do you know how much nutrients an egg contains? They are famous for protein and its truth. But, not only protein, eggs having other vitalities as well. We need to learn which of the minerals, vitamins it provides and in what quantity? Let me share an interesting point here, a raw egg doesn't have same amount of minerals as in the case of omlet or boiled egg. Eggs have different proportions of minerals and nutrients in different forms.

Nutrients in eggs

If  talk about percentage of nutrients, a boiled egg won't be same as fried egg, even fried egg won't possess same energy as an omlet. So, let's figure out.

Boiled egg:

According to United states department of agriculture, a boiled egg of nearly 50 grams will have

Calories  77

Total fat  5.5 g

Saturated fat  1.6 g

Cholestrol  187.5 g

Sodium  62 g

Potassium  63 g

Total carbohydrates  0.5

Dietry fibre  0 g

Sugar  0.5 g

Protein  6.5 g

Vitamin C  0%

Iron  6%

Vitamin B6  5%

Magnesium   2%

Calcium  5%

Vitamin D  21%

Cobalamin  18%

Fried egg : Per 50 grams

Calories  98

Total Fat  8 g

Saturated fat  2.2 g

Cholesterol  200.5 mg

Sodium  103.5 mg

Potassium  63 g

Total carbohydrate 0.6 g

Dietary fiber  0 g

Sugar  0.6 g

Protein  7 g

Vitamin C   0%

Iron  3%

Vitamin B6  0%

Magnesium  1%

Calcium  2%

Vitamin D  10%

Cobalamin  10%

Omlet egg : per 50 grams

Calories  77

Total Fat  6 g

Saturated fat  1.6 g

Cholesterol  156.5 mg

Sodium  77.5 mg

Potassium  58.5 g

Total carbohydrate 0.3 g

Dietary fiber  0 g

Sugar  0.2 g

Protein  6 g

Vitamin C  0%

Iron  4%

Cobalamin 0%

Magnesium   1%

Calcium  2%

Vitamin D  8%

Cobalamin  10%

Health Benefits of eating eggs

  • Eggs may Increase Good cholestrol HDL
  • Eggs are good for heart health
  • Eggs are Better for eyes
  • Eggs are filled with nutrients
  • Eggs are containing choline, an important mineral
  • Its source of omega 3
  • Plus it has amino acids
  • Egg could also help you loose weight