Incredible ideas for summer smoothies

Best Ideas to prepare fresh fruit juices in summer

When we talk about most liked  fruits of hot season, watermelon finds its place in top of the food list for so many positive reasons. For melon lovers, summer is boring without this delicious and juicy snack. Not only it tastes good but also carries a bunch of nutrients. More than 90% of watermelon is water, a healthy supplement to quench thirst during warm days. Mixing watermelon and other summer fruits for the preparation of non alcoholic drinks is a brilliant idea. Here we have integarated 4 best recipes for juice made with watermelon as a common


Points to be noted

1- According to U.S department of agriculture, half a kilo of watermelon contains 150 g calories, 1 g fat, 5 mg sodium, 560 mg potassium, 2 g dietary fiber, 30 g fructose, 3 g protein, vitamin c 13%, iron 1%, magnesium 2% and 40 g of all carbohydrates.

2- Just like pumpkins, this summer food belongs to the group of cucurbits.

3- Carotenoid hydrocarbons found in these water enriched fruits are responsible for their bright red color. These organic compounds have powerful effect against free radicals. For your information, let me added that free radicals can cause damage to the human cells.

How do i perceive a ripe melon?

Its a simple hack, go for tap test on the fruit, when you slightly hit watermelon with your finger, a rippened one should lightly oscillate and produce a deep and quiet voice.

1-  Watermelon and berry juice

Well, its not a rocket science to get this drink ready. Within few minutes you will have it on table, a juice promised with vitamins and other healthy substances. Its a combination of strawberry, raspberry and the blue skinned fruit, all of these mixes well.


1- Half medium sized watermelon

2- Strawberries : 400 g

3- Raspberries : 200 g

4- Fresh mint leaves : 6-8

5- Limes : 2


Simply remove the melon rind, and the flesh into normal sized cubes.  

Wash strawberry and raspberry well with germ free water.

Cut strawberries in half with a sharp knife.

Throw in cubed watermelon, strawberries, raspberries and mint leaves into an extractor until the mixture gets converted into juice.

Drink is ready! Add it into glasses and forget about rising temperature.

Optionally, you can also throw some slices of lime.

2-  Nutritious mixture of nut salad and juice

An incredible way to prepare a mouth watering treat with the combination of juice and nut salad. Nuts like cashews are containers of minerals such as copper which is necessity of our body to prevent the adventures of harmful radicals. 

Guava juice is a laxative, helpful to get relief from constipation. 

Ingredients for 4 people

1- Two medium sized watermelon

2- Two peaches

3- Two black plums

4- Bunch of cashew nuts

5- Almonds

6- Goji berries

7- Raisins

8- Guava fruit juice

9- Grinded ice

How to prepare:

Cut the watermelon into half and empty it from middle but not from the sides. 

Now make fruit salad with peach, plum, watermelon and put this salad in a bowl, also add the guava juice in it.

To get this treat more energetic, include some dried fruits like cashews, almonds, peanuts, also raisins and the goji berries.

Most of the work is completed now, fill half of the the cutted watermelon with salad dried fruits and juice.

Don't forget to bring the straws and serve it to your people with style.

Green fruit hydrates your body when its too much heat in the shade. It also provide vitamins which are must to stay healthy. 

Because of the addition of dried fruits, obviously salad becomes extra beneficial.

3- Watermelon and Grapes

Useful, healthy and tasty watermelon plus grape juice can be taken in the morning. A great way to please your spouse and parents with it.


1- Watermelon : 1 kg

2- Grapes : 400 g

3- Clean water : 200ml

4- Sugar : 4 tablespoons


Method is simple, wash grapes with pure water, the water should not be contaminated. 

Detach the fruit from bunches, remove watermelon skin and cut them into cube shape. Remember, neither watermelon nor grape seeds should be added.

Now put all the ingredients in a juicer machine, honey, mineral water, grapes and watermelon. 

Serve the drink immediately to enjoy the benefits of pro vitamins.

Generally, its not suggested to drink fresh juices on an empty belly, but this drink is possible! It is not acidic, it does not cause gastritis. Watermelon grape juice tastes incredibly sweet.

4- Super refreshing watermelon drink

These are all best non alcoholic beverages, must try these cold mocktails at home in the hot days of summer.

What do I need for this?

1-  Seedless watermelon : 1

2-  Pure honey : 4 tablespoons

3-  large glasses of ice cubes : 4

4-  Limes : 4

5- A bunch of fresh mint leaves

Divide the watermelon into large cubes and pour them into a blender.

Then put the honey which should be of excellent quality, add the juice of two of the 4 limes and cubes of ice.

Gush the liquid into glasses and add a piece of lime and some refreshing mint leaves.

This drink is enough for 8 people!!

The and best treats, but in certain cases they might be unhealthy, if you are allergic to any of the foods included in our recipes, having some health care issues. In that case, its better to consult your doctor as we are not pursuing everyone to drink these juices.

5- Watermelon lemonade

For this watermelon lemonade you only need mineral water, a few lemons or pure lemon juice from the store and some sugar or your favorite sugar substitute. The sweeter your watermelon, the less sugar you need to put to the lemonade. But that's a bit of personal preference of course. Do you also want to take this juice baby test for your little Brussels sprouts? Then add less lemon juice and do not add sugar or possibly a sweetener based on stevia. You really don't need much. Or just give them some pure watermelon juice. Delicious!


1- 1 normal sized watermelon

2-  150 ml lemon juice

3- 800-900 ml fresh water 

4- 6 tablespoon sugar

& few fresh mint sprigs


Cut the blue watermelon and blend the flesh finely in a blender to prepare the juice. You can also use the immersion blender. If you notice that there is still a lot of pulp left behind, in that case, use a sieve. Squeeze the lemons or use store-bought lemon juice and add this to the water along with the sugar (substitute) and watermelon juice. Add some ice for an extra refreshing effect and possibly some sprigs of fresh mint. Plaice!


This lemonade already tastes good without sugar, but people who are just sweet or want a real limo, will like it more sweeter. You can use regular sugar, but a substitute works fine in this recipe. We took cane sugar with stevia (twice as sweet) so used two tablespoons. You can also use a 0 calorie sweetener, then 1 tablespoon is often enough. Add it, stir well (important!) and taste for yourself and adjust to taste! Tasty!

Strawberry lemonade

Strawberry lemon juice is the perfect non-alcoholic summer drink - simply make the refreshingly fruity mocktail yourself at home kitchen and enjoy with your friends and family.


1 untreated lemon 

300g strawberries 

2 tablespoon sugar or powdered


1 pack vanilla sugar

750ml Sparkling mineral water (cold)


Wash the lemon in hot water, squeeze out one half and cut the other half into slices

Wash and trim the strawberries and place them in a mixing bowl. Add the sugar, vanilla sugar and puree. Then add the lemon juice and mineral water and stir again. If desired, pass through a fine sieve. Refrigerate the strawberry lemonade until ready to serve.

Serve the strawberry lemonade with the lemon slices and, if desired, with ice cubes.