Shocking things which sheep can do

Shocking things which sheep can do

As per wikipedia, sheep are among the earliest mammals domesticated by human being. In the begining, our ancestors started raising sheep for meat and milk . In ancient era, there were a lot of nomadic tribes roaming in different parts of the world accompanying sheep as primary animal with them. Still there are some nomads wandering around the globe with their livestock.

In this article we will answer some of the fascinated questions asked by people online and one of them is whether sheep can swim or not. What human foods this innocent soul can eat, such as apples, carrots, banana etc?

Can sheep do swim, eat carrots apples bananas avocados
What can sheep do

 Swimming in water

This might sound crazy, but fact is sheep can swim. Wait a second, swimming doesn't mean that they can swim in arabian sea too. Sheep can do it in the case of emergency in not so high levels of water, in the case of disasters they have natural tendency to dive. Sheep automatically becomes a swimmer when she has to encounter a flood like situation. Instead of floating, she will swim on water. Sheep are not fond of swimming and they will not get in water, river or pond for their enjoyment as they do not swim regularly. They will only do so, when life is in danger. So, in this case they can swim in river too, because their natural life saving device gets on when there is a flood. 

Its a shocking fact that this animal do not drink from running water, instead of this, they prefer water which is still. 

You would have seen sheep swimming floating or jumping in video games such as minecraft, not only in minecraft but in reality too, its a skilled animal.

Eating Apples

As we all know, sheep are ruminants and their favourite and basic food is to eat grass, in short grazing. But it doesn't mean that they can not enjoy anything else. As far as apples are concern, sheep can eat them which adds healthy portion of nutrients in their feed. But do not forget to cut apples into pieces before offering it to them

What about apple seeds?

No, do not feed apple seeds to them. Because it they are unhealthy and harmful for this animal. Sheep can react negatively to apple seeds as their digestive system does not allow them to eat it.

Can they Eat Carrots?

Carrots are one of the vegetables which sheep can eat. They do taste carrots with full enthusiasm. But keep it in mind, this vitamin enriched vegetable is healthy for sheep only if you give it to them in moderation. Just like apples the best way is to cut carrots into pieces so that your animal can digest them with easiness. 

Eating Bananas 

By ruminant animal means their default food is eating grass but just like some other vegetables and fruits are allowed for them in moderation, in the same way, bananas are also permitted to them.

Banana peel

No problem with feeding banana peel, they will eat unpeeled banana without any hesitation.

It needs to be added that banana skin contains vital nutrients for your animal.


Unlike Banana, apples and carrots, avocado should not be given to sheep. Even, it is recommended to keep them away from avocado fruit. Feeding her avocado can induce unwanted health issues within your pet. The reason why avocado is not permissible  because it contains persin responsible for avocado toxicity as the result of which your sheep can have vomiting and diarrhea.

Neither avocado leave nor seeds should be eaten by sheep. You should know that seed also contains hazardous substances. So, try to stop sheep from even approaching avocado tree because chances are that she will try to eat fruit leaves after seeing the tree.