Will My German Shepherd Eat Turkey meat?

Can German Shepherds Eat Turkey meat

Turkey meat  is Low in calories and easy to digest for dog breeds like German shepherd, golden retriever but here is a question for those who are asking whether or not their German shepherd dogs can have turkey meat. Do you value a healthy and balanced diet for your german shepherd? Then you should pamper your four-legged friend regularly with turkey meat. It supplies the body with protein, vitamins and nutrients without putting unnecessary strain on the digestive system. Whether raw, cooked or dried: turkey chews are eaten with pleasure by small and large dogs.It's name would be impeling you to ponder turkey central asian country but reality is surprising, bird turkey is indigenous to America. turkey were used by the Aztecs to supply meat.

In the 16th century this bird came to Europe with Spanish importers . The succulent  turkey meat is now appreciated by people and canines all over the globe.

Turkey bones, neck

Picture down below is of turkey breast bones

People frequently visit vets to know whether or not turkey bone and neck healthy for their German shepherds. Female turkey also called turkey hen, both male and female turkey meat have no considerable margin in taste and quality. Your german shepherd will enjoy turkey neck and bones but still there is a but, because only raw meat is recommended for your puppy.

Turkey meat is easily digestible for dogs because it supplies the animals' organism with easily digestible protein and vital amino acids. Proteins perform indispensable tasks in the body. Among other things, they are involved in the formation of bones and muscles. A protein-rich diet also ensures that the dog's coat remains shiny over the long term.

Did you know? turkey meat is a lean meat, means having low fat content. For this reason, turkey meat is often used to make low-calorie treats, training bites or chews. A balanced mixed diet is essential for partner with four legs, which should comprise high-quality proteins, important vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

In addition to meat, plant components such as fruit, vegetables and herbs must also be included in dogs nutrition plan. Turkey meat makes a valuable contribution to a healthy pup ​​diet. It has plentiful portion of B vitamins, also contain large amounts of potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron.

The gullet, offal, breast, back and wings of turkeys are used for feed production. Dried turkey necks and feet are popular natural chews for four-legged friend

Low-fat snacks for Dog 

Turkey meat is digestible and very low fat product, Therefore, it can easily be fed to overweight animals as a snack. .

If you want to reward your doggie on the dog court or while out for a walk, dog chews and turkey treats are exactly the right components.

Still pay attention to a certain rationalization, don't feed too many dog ​​snacks, offset them with normal dog food to prevent your pet from gaining fat.

Tasty and tooth-care: chews made from turkey meat as an alternative to dog toothbrushes
Chewing is one of the most natural instincts of man's best friend. Puppies are already starting to gnaw at all kinds of things. And even adult animals like to nibble on all sorts of things. However, so that furniture or shoes do not fall victim to your pet's chewing needs, feeding one or two chews won't hurt dogs.

This offers a species-appropriate occupation, ensures feelings of happiness and also cares for the teeth. Chewing rubs off existing dental deposits. In this way, tartar is effectively prevented.

Chews for puppies and adult dogs in various variations 

Dried turkey meat for dogs is available in many different variations - suitable chews and dog treats are available for all dog breeds and sizes. Puppies and small breeds are preferentially pampered with compact snacks. How about, for example, mini turkey sausages which, as training snacks, are ideal treats for daily dog ​​training?

Medium-sized and large four-legged friends, on the other hand, are happy about turkey necks, turkey stomachs and turkey feet. Low-calorie turkey breast fillets, cut pieces of liver and crunchy turkey wings are eaten with enthusiasm by all breeds.

Turkey liver

Dog chews made from turkey  meat are also recommended for conscious nutrition in the case of pork or beef intolerance. Regardless of which variant you choose

The meat should be gently dried and do not contain any chemical additives such as coloring or flavoring.  Tests by regional veterinary offices, which review EU standards, are testimony to the high quality standards.  Do not use products from the 

Turkey meat for dogs:simply ideal as a snack

If you want to indulge your wet skin with culinary delights, but still want to eat healthily, you always make the right choice with turkey or turkey meat.  Basically, these types of meat can be fed raw as well as cooked and dried.

important note: Poultry are susceptible to Salmonella infections. With BARF raw turkey feeding, you must therefore ensure high meat quality and absolute product freshness. Turkey meat should not only end up as a main meal, but also as a snack in between. Chewing items made from lean poultry should be on the menu several times a month, as they maintain the dog's teeth and prevent the development of tooth decay and tartar.

Turkey meat is very well tolerated by dogs and easy to digest. It provides your four-legged friend with proteins, vitamins and minerals. In short: this type of meat contains almost everything your pet needs for a long and vital life. Give it a try.