Check if these foods are healthy for dogs and cats

What foods are healthy for dogs and cats?

It's natural that dog and pet parent usually ponders, if this specific food would be healthy for my dog or not? In order to Diminish your reluctance regarding some dog foods, we have made a description of foods good for them.

Cat and dog food

We reward our pet dog with snacks that we personally consider healthy for them, without taking into account that  organism of dogs and cats does not have the same characteristics as ours. We are conditioned by urban legends or recurring images, but the truth is that there are special rules and attentions to follow. While it seems to us that our pets find some foods enjoyable, that doesn't mean we should keep feeding them. In order to not to be mistaken, here is a list of foods that are not recommended or prohibited.

Garlic and Onion 

Garlic and onion are two of the most dangerous foods for dogs and cats. Prolonged intake could cause the breakdown of red blood cells and consequent anemia.

Caffeine and Alcohol 

It may seem obvious, but it is always better to emphasize it. No coffee, tea, beer or wine for our pets, as they could make them restless and cause more serious ailments, such as vomiting.

Sweets and dairy products

Cake, ice creams are obviously prohibited, but beware of milk too: dog and cat, especially the older ones, do not have an apparatus capable of digesting lactose. Google is filled with queries, does Chocolate a nice treat for dog and cat It is one of the most not so healthy foods for dogs due to theobromine. Intake of this substance, present in greater quantities in dark chocolate, could cause disorders or poisoning in Dog and cat.


Dog loves to nibble them, but some types of bones, such as chicken or pork, splinter easily and risk being swallowed, injuring the dog or suffocating it.  Better to contact a veterinarian to identify the type of fake bone most suitable for our dog.


It would be natural to say yes, but there are actually limitations. first of all, most of the fruit that contain seeds which risks intestinal obstruction, with symptoms that usually take time to manifest themselves. Moreover, yes to fruits like apples, oranges and watermelon, but be careful to remove the seeds when you are offering them to pet.


Some types of nuts are not dangerous for dogs. Small amounts of peanuts and hazelnuts are not a problem, if peeled correctly and if consumed naturally, therefore without salt or spices.  Pistachios and almonds are instead not recommended, as they are more difficult to digest. walnuts and chestnuts are still worse. In general, dried fruit is not recommended for small dogs and cats.


Would My pet Eat Avocado? Avocado will also be in fashion, but it contains persin, a toxic substance for some animals, found mainly in seeds, peel and leaves. It has long been believed that cats and dogs could not eat avocado at all, but in reality, more recent studies have revealed that a dogs amount of dogs & cats is not harmful. The animals that risk the most are certain bird species, such as canaries and parrots, or larger animals, such as horses.

Raw eggs, meat and fish

The organism of animals is more fragile than human therefore raw foods can cause food poisoning. It is therefore recommended to always cook eggs, meat and fish. Do not forget: no to give them raw dough, wild mushrooms, chewing gums or any type of seasoning, such as salt and spices. Ultimately, dogs and cats cannot eat the same things we do: complex or seasoned dishes are prohibited, but we should pay attention to the products of the earth. It must be considered, in fact, that the problem sometimes lies in the enthusiasm with which, especially dogs, eat a meal.  After eliminating the foods to be absolutely avoided from the shopping list, the secret lies in eating in moderation, without exceeding in quantities, thus avoid unpleasant ailments.