Simple & Tasty Ginger Biscuit Recipe For Canine Pet

Ginger Biscuits for my dog

In Christmastide, even those who have never heard of rolling pin and flour, wonders, what can i try for my dog? The ginger and molasses biscuits are a good answer to such questions.

Good and easy to be prepared in your home kitchen, these kinds of cookies are best to complement your four-legged friend's diet. Making ginger biscuits is a fun idea because you always have a small prize at hand for your fur baby when he gestures for it.

This baked good facilitates your little partner with delicious homemade treat, when he glares at you and wages his tail with hopeful eyes. In that scenario, a ginger nut, a small snack, often positively impacts behavior.

Ginger biscuit for dogs

Often, we spoil our puppy with something that is unhealthy. So,  why not to bake him some quality cookies at your place. Here is an easy and quick recipe, which can be conveniently integrated into a nutritious correct dog diet.

In most cases, hound biscuit recipes require you to mix all the ingredients together, in order to obtain a compact loaf from which once rolled out to a thickness of about half a centimeter, make about thirty biscuits.

Preparation Method 

This is our own style of making ginger and molasses cookie, but nothing is barring  you from making a variation in the content, if having any idea of your own ; the important thing is not to include in the recipe, foods prohibited for dogs. So, are you ready? Let's get onto the points.

  • 4 cups of flour for universal use 

  •  2 cups of whole wheat flour;

  •  1 cup of molasses; 

  •  1 cup of water; 

  •  1/2  cup of vegetable oil ; 

  •  4 tablespoons of powdered ginger; 

  •  2 teaspoons of cinnamon, (always in powder form)

  •  1 teaspoon of nails carnation  

Guess what? These doses are enough for the production of five to six dozen biscuits, a perfect amount for the tables of twenty hounds, here i need to mention, hound is my favourite dog breed.

In order to bake this incredibly tasty and easy dog treat, put all the ingredients in a large bowl, beat them well until a homogeneous mixture is obtained; we roll out the dough on the previously floured work table, until it reaches a thickness of about a quarter of an inch. With the cookie cutters, give them shape of own choice.
Then, combine the scraps of pasta and remodel until exhaustion. Put the crafted biscuits on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and let them cook in the oven at 250°C for 30-35 minutes.

This folk medicine is rich in antioxidants, an excellent panacea for heart disease and allergies.
It lowers blood cholesterol levels and has anti-inflammatory properties. Giving your pup some ginger helps in good blood circulation, reliefs motion sickness and bloating. however, not recommended for anemic animals. Exceeding with this ancient root can also cause harmful effects in dogs such as stomach problems, diarrhea, intestinal gas and nausea. 

It is imperative to remember, in rare cases, doggie gets subjected to allergy and intolerance, especially if we include untried components in the recipe. If you're extra conscious about your fur baby, then make sure fido has tasted all the constituents of dough at least ones. 
But it doesn't mean every dog is allergic to ginger or other foods.