Bathe your dog,but not in wrong way

Bathing the dog,Answers To the Most Frequently Asked Questions.
Dog Bathe

Washing the dog at home is a delicate activity, in some respects complicated which, however, you cannot escape, if you have a dog. Frequency, products to use, techniques. These are all legitimate doubts. Kanito's experts try to clarify the main questions, in 7 simple questions and their answers.

How often can i bathe my dog?

It is the question par excellence. Everyone asks it, from the first moment a puppy sets foot (or it would be better to say paw) in the house. And the answers that are around are the most disparate, ranging from "never" to "every day". As often happens, the truth lies somewhere in between. Or in common sense. The frequency of bathing for Fido depends on at least two factors : the type of coat (the longer it is, the more difficult it is to keep it clean) and the lifestyle (the hygiene of a dog who lives at home must be taken care of more). If in general we can say that a bath every 4-6 weeksit is a good compromise, the best solution is however to evaluate the cleanliness level of your four-legged friend from time to time. It being understood that, if the right products are used (we will see which ones later), even very frequent washing is not a problem: skin and hair do not get damaged.

When Not to wash my Furry friend?

Hygiene (almost) never has contraindications, mind you. If anything, the problem lies in the humidity associated with washing the dog, which can bring colds and illnesses with it. For this reason it is recommended to avoid the bathroom in the days immediately following vaccinations , which could be weakened by a cold. A week of patience is enough, no more. Similar speech also for pesticide treatments . Once done it is better to avoid contact with water for a few days , otherwise you risk "washing them away". Obviously, this does not apply if water-resistant pesticides have been used.

What shampoo should i use to bathe my dog?

Not yours, allow frankness. You must use a dog shampoo , that is, specific . The Ph of human skin, in fact, is about 5.5, that of canine skin is around 7. This means that shampoos for men are too aggressive if applied to a dog. Using an unsuitable product increases the risk of redness, irritation and dermatitis . In addition, substances that are too strong, in the long run, help to weaken the protective layer that the canine skin naturally secretes to protect itself from external agents.

How to dry My Dog After Washing?

Towel and hairdryer . Nothing else is needed. The important thing is to use them well. Drying is a fundamental moment of washing the dog. The greatest risks for Fido, in fact, come from colds that he can contract if he remains wet. Therefore it should be dried well, first with a towel and then with a hairdryer. Go to the bottom with patience, also dry the base of the hair, the one most in contact with the skin. But be careful, the air of the hairdryer must not be too hot , dogs burn more easily than men.

What tools do i need to bathe my dog?

We have already talked about the hairdryer and the towel. The other tools needed to bathe the dog are simple: sponge, comb, cotton wool, plastic collar and mineral oil . The sponge is used to massage and clean the hair. The comb (or brush) should be used both before washing, to dissolve the most superficial knots, and afterwards, together with mineral oil, to untangle the hair. Cotton wool has a double function, to clean the ears and protect them from water and soap. Finally, the plastic collar, useful for holding and controlling Fido, who may not wriggle too much.

How do I proceed with washing?
Start with a good brush , which loosens the knots of the hair and prepares it for washing. Then plug his ears with cotton and immerse your Fido in the tub full of water. Pay attention to the temperature , it must be lukewarm, sunburns are around the corner but shivers of cold must also be avoided. At this point you can start soaping it . Do it calmly, without neglecting any part of the body and carefully avoiding getting soap in your eyes . Once the soaping is finished you can proceed with the rinsing, done with equal precision. Finally dry it(go to the previous question). Once the coat is dry again, you can do the finishing touches: trimming the nails and cleaning the ears and eyes .

But Do dogs like bathing?

Again, there is no single answer. The first approach to a bath is certainly a bit traumatic for a dog. For this reason, it is advisable to get used to him from an early age , do everything calmly and allow him moments of play and perhaps gratify him, at the end of the wash, with some treats. Certainly a lot also depends on the character of the individual animal : there are those who take everything as a game, even the bath, and those who just can't stand it.

How often do different dog breeds need to be bathed?

When it comes to frequency, we advise you not to overdo it (better little than too much!). Your dog's coat contains important natural oils, and excessive washing can remove them, irritate the skin and cause dryness and itching. If the problem persists it can cause open wounds in the dog's skin and infections. For these same reasons it is also very important to choose the correct shampoo and conditioner.

Smooth Coated dog breed

Smooth-coated dog breeds such as Beagles, Bull Terriers, Shorthaired Dachshunds and Greyhounds need minimal baths and, if they spend most of their time indoors and are regularly brushed, three or four baths each. year are enough.

If your dog is prone to looking for the largest and muddiest puddle on each walk, we recommend that you bring a towel and clean it immediately after the walk. Do not wash your dog daily or weekly! You can also use deodorant sprays.

Dog Breeds with double hair

Dogs such as Labradors, Rottweilers, Chow Chows, Huskies, and Border Collies have beautiful coats that benefit from daily brushing. As for the bathroom, however, it is recommended to do it only "when necessary", for example if they have rolled in the mud.

Wire-haired dog breeds

Dogs like Jack Russells, Airedale Terriers, Miniature Schnauzers need to be brushed a couple of times a week and washed every two months or so.

Dog breeds with curly hair

Dogs such as Poodles and Bichon Frisé need to be brushed very often and washed every two months or so.

What's that stink? Oh, it's you ...

Regardless of the breed, there will be days when your dog decides to roll around in mud or play near cow poop and will inevitably have to wash.

Whatever the reason for bathing, there are ways to make it easier for everyone, including you!