Watermelon For Dogs Blessing or poison?

Watermelon is the summer fruit par excellence.it is important to understand if dogs can eat watermelon and if so what are the right quantities.
Watermelon For Dogs

Summer, among other charms, also means watermelon. Anyone who has a pup and decides to feed it with food intended for human use may wonder if dogs can eat watermelon. This fruit is very fresh and tasty for men, but is it possible to say the same thing for our furry friends? Is it advisable to serve it our dogs? And in what quantity?
Can Dogs Have Watermelon?

Can I Give Watermelon To My Dog?

It is possible to answer this question with an absolutely affirmative answer ; dogs can eat watermelon, but taking precautions to prevent the dog from getting sick.

Can Dogs Have Watermelon peel?

During watermelon season it is frequently asked question by Pup Parents,If my Dog can have watermelon peel?
The dog will only be able to take this fruit after having stripped it of its peel and seeds. Both can in fact create dental problems and problems with the gastro-intestinal tract. Don't feed watermelon peel or seed to your dog,Research suggest that watermelon peel & seed can left serious impact on your four legged friends dental & stomach health.

Positive Effects of Watermelon:

Watermelon has several positive effects; this fruit is characterized by the presence of vitamin A (to increase the strength and shine of the hair), B6, C (which serves to strengthen the immune system) and finally potassium. Furthermore, due to its high percentage of water, watermelon has very few calories , about 50. In fact, more than 90% of this fruit is made up of water and the remaining 10 is sugar, and for this reason it is not advisable to abuse it. It is also an infinite source of beta carotene which has the ability to improve your dog's vision.
Is it Healthy for Dogs to have watermelon?

Negative Effects of Watermelon on Dog Health

The abuse of watermelon could also cause some negative effects; in fact, these can only occur when an excessive abuse of this fruit is made. Food abuse hurts, however, and watermelon is certainly not excluded. In the event that your dog eats a lot of watermelon it is possible to witness a high blood sugar level in the dog , with the risk that your furry could become a diabetic dog .

In addition, some discharges of diarrhea may be frequent due to the excessive dose of water absorbed through this delicious fruit. In the event that these symptoms occur and within 24 hours the diarrhea does not show signs of passing, it is necessary that you consult the advice of your veterinarian.

In addition, the diabetic dog should not be given so much fruit, including watermelon, due to the presence of natural sugars that can raise blood sugar levels. Finally, due to its quantity of water, the dog who abuses it could very often pee and in large quantities.

How To Recognize a Good Fruit For Dog?

To recognize a good watermelon it is necessary to observe the peel. The streaks must be wide and the peel must be tight. Furthermore, by touching the skin with the knuckles it is possible to understand if the watermelon is good through the sound it makes. The sound given off by a good watermelon and a clear sound.

Ultimately dogs can eat watermelon, the important thing is that you do not overdo it. The recommended doses are about 1-2 pieces for small dogs and 2-3 for medium and large dogs. However, always try to endorse the advice of your veterinarian who can advise you on the best quantities based on your dog's health and size