Facts to Know Before Giving Watermelon to Dogs

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Everyone loves Watermelon,even dogs, But is it safe fruit For Them? The Report is positive, dogs can have watermelon but not without some precautions. In current article we'll explain pros and cons of this summer fruity.

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It could be quite difficult to figure out which fruits are safe for your pup,but yes, watermelon has several vital vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for dogs health, water makes 92% of this green melon, so they can be refreshing on a hot day. However, remember that watermelon, like all other fruits,is high in sugar and should therefore be served dogs in moderation.

Benefits of watermelon for dog

Watermelon is naturally packed with nutrients that are healthy for dogs,including potassium, vitamin A, B6 and C. This wonder fruit contains fibre, which aids in digestion to dogs, Being a source of lycopene, watermelon could be regarded as a naturally found antioxidant that can help prevent cancer not only in humans but also in dogs.

Well things do not end here, watermelon is also low in calories, fantastically sodium free and cholesterol free, making it a very healthy choice, Watermelon  can be a good source of hydration and a particularly refreshing treatment for your dog on a hot day. In addition,Watermelon contains minerals such as potassium, Calcium and fiber.

Watermelon peel for dog

Watermelon rind for dogs

Now you know that dogs and puppies can have watermelon,what is the best way to give it to your dog?

Be careful when you feed this juicy fruit to your dog,Because,it is unhealthy for both dogs and puppies to have watermelon rind.
Neither watermelon rind nor watermelon seeds are safe for dogs.The Reason why peel and seeds are dangerous for dogs is because the watermelon seeds can lead to choking Hazards and your puppy will also have difficulty digesting them.

Reason why it is not safe for dogs  To Have watermelon Peel:
If your doggy eat seeds and rind of a watermelon it can cause
intestinal blockage
  • vomiting
  • constipation
  • lethargy
  • abdominal pain

Watermelon for dogs:warnings
Dogs who eat too Much Watermelon Will Likely have abdominal pains along with diarrhea or other signs of gastrointestinal complaints.

Some dogs have stomach pains when they try a new food that they are not used to. It is advised to moderate the administration of watermelon to your dog,especially if they have never eaten it before,and see how they react.

Watermelon Juice For dogs

Dogs Can only Digest Certain Types of fruit Juices,as some Fruits are are as bad for their digestive system as chocolate is, But the Good news is that Your dog can drink Watermelon juice,Watermelon juice is absolutely healthy for dogs to drink.it is a decent treat to help your dog stay hydrated,especially on a hot day.Some Researchers Believe That watermelon is a diuretic,so it will make your dog pee more,But it will not have any negative  effect on your furry friends health.

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