What Banana Does To My dogs health?

What Good and bad Banana can have for dogs?

How can i better nourish my dog with a banana treat, this is what would be in your mind currently.
Just like we take care of toddler & remains cautious about their food & activities .
With similar approach,we should be selective when it comes the matter of our dog or other animal friends. 1st we will talk about dogs and than about cow which provides us milk for the delicious cup of tea in the morning.

As Someone said,"we are what we eat".In a nutshell dogs too are what they eat,so it's necessary to feed them which they like to have & which is Healthy for them.

Every fruit has specific health benefit for human body. But when we talk about other animals food e.g dogs,things always doesn't  remain same.For instance Human body reaction to the tomato is not same as in the case of dogs,Tomato adversely effect dogs.

Banana for dog

When offered to you, You won't say no to a banana unless you've certain health issues, but when it comes to your four legged friends, You can't always feed them what you eat. Many find themselves in confusion, whether their puppy or dairy friends like cows can have bananas or not? If you never had a dog before or you don't have ample info of their diet, it's wise to research well before feeding them anything.

Dogs can have banana, it is good, not bad!

Let us tell you, In a nutshell The answer to your curiosity is "yes" dogs can eat banana & it's absolutely healthy for your puppy To have this sugar rich fruit. In fact,bananas are one of the foods recommended for dogs & For sure this recommendation won't be without any reason.

How is it good for dogs to have banana?

Bananas are an Excellent Source of Magnesium, they also have Vitamin C, Vitamin B6,Folate,Fibre,Potassium.

As mentioned Above, bananas have a decent percentage of magnesium. It helps Bone growth in puppies. Not only that but magnesium has so many other health benefits too for dogs including relief from chronic diarrhea. Excessive consumption of magnesium in dogs is not something to be worried about,if your dog has healthy Kidney,Cause dogs kidneys have functionality to excreting the excess of magnesium.

Potassium:Another Component of Banana is potassium,Your dog Having chronic Kidney diseases including urinary stones,and other Complications Related To this is an indication That Your dog has Low levels of potassium in blood.Thus, in this case moderate consumption of bananas will help to make up this deficiency.
Vitamin C:you'd be surprised to know that Dogs Can naturally synthesize vitamin c in Their livers,So Excessive Amount of vitamin c,Especially if Fed in single dose could be fatal for dogs.A single or 2 small Bananas at a time are not bad for adult dog.For a puppy you can go for a half.

Keep In Mind:
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That everything needs to be in moderation, Dogs Machinery isn't like us. So, if dogs can eat bananas it doesn't mean that you've got free hands, feed them in moderate form. For that, certain things have to be kept in mind so that treat doesn't go against the health of our four legged friend.

Get rid of peel,Do not take the risk that your dog is capable enough to choke banana by itself. Offer him the fruit already prepared by getting rid of peel.

How many Bananas Can my dog eat:

That is a reasonable question,which is mostly asked by puppy parents .Recommended Dosage of bananas  varies with age of dog.
  • Half a banana a few times a week,for medium and large dogs
  • A few small pieces a few times a week,For a small dog.

Here it's worth to Mention That always peel  bananas before serving to your puppy.

Why To Peel Banana Before Feeding to dog?

A Banana which is Not peeled Can induce certain Digestive Problems In Your Dogs Stomach. The reason is that Dogs are unable to digest it properly So it's advised by our vets not to do so.

Why Banana For my Dog?(Summary)

Feeding a banana a day to my dog will not keep the veterinarian away, but it is a fairly safe fruit to feed your dog. As nutritional attributes of bananas are quit fascinating, if your dog has diarrhea,You've got a simple cure in the form of this sugar-packed fruit. Bananas can cure your dogs diarrhea, but needs to be little cautious,2 to 3 sliced bananas are enough, because in large quantities, banana can constipate dogs. Although, banana helps treating dog's upset stomach but consumption in large quantity like half a dozen or Beyond can also cause serious problems. Banana secrete potassium, which if consumed in excess quantity can produce cardiac problems too in dogs.

Bananas are made up of a host of vitamins and minerals,including antioxidents That are beneficial for their skin & hair.Do you know what,some veterinarians also suggests bananas to cure stomach and intestinal disorders in dogs.