A citrus fruit good to ingest for many reasons with limit of 3 a day

A citrus fruit good to ingest for many reasons with limit of 3 a day

Are oranges good for us? We all know that every fruit and vegetable have something healthy for us. Just like oranges are king of vitamin c. These citrus fruits are surely good for weight loss, skin, immune system teeth.
They unlimited health benefits, not all of them can be described in a single article.

A study in australia showed that people who consume at least 1 serving of orange daily have less chances of developing macular degeneration, a common eye illness responsible for unclear vision. 

Eating an orange of 150 grams will be enough to fulfil your requirement of vitamin C for that day. So, one unit of this citrus fruit in a day is enough, as far as vitamin c is concern.

 Amount of oranges good for you to eat a day?

How many oranges are healthy for you to eat in a day? Do not cross the boundary of 3 a day, if you want to eat them as medicine, keep some for next day as well. 

As many as three oranges per day are recommended for only those who can digest it well. If 3 oranges a day are hard for your stomach then eating only one serving is safe and healthy per day dose. 

Orange juice

You can squeeze 1- 3 fruits based on your mode. Decide in accordance with your physique.If having cold physique, pressing single orange would be better. But if you are hot physique, go for three to prepare a fresh orange beverage.

Fruit of beauty

Unequivocally, everyone wishes to have appealing personality. For that you need to use different techniques, adopt certain lifestyle changes, prefer fresh fruits and green vegetables over junk for losing weight, having healthy skin and body, it will aid in achieving your goal of looking gorgeous. Orange fruit speeds up metabolism improves the quality of epidermis, gives you healthy eyesight, natural glow of skin, shinny hair and better immune system. Things do not end here malta fruit and juice is one of the best remedical foods for cough, flu, sore throat and chest infections as well. It also allows diabetic patients to have a taste of sweet, as some medical professionals believe, moderate consumption of this fructose container has no harm for people with diabetes.

A source of vitamin c

Orange fruit also called Malta in pakistan is one of the vitamin c enriched fruits which some health conscious people must 
have in their diet by maintaining the balance with their other intakings, orange contains naturally found nutrition and energy which is good for overall health. Being a source of vitamin c, It freshens skin and nourish hair.

Without any hesitation, we can say that Oranges are one of the best in the "kingdom of fruits" and this citrus fruit has numerous facts behind this glory. Orange belongs to Rutaceae family, as per experts it might be the result of ancient hybrid between pomelo and mandarin. No one will deny the deliciousness of oranges but they come as a remedy for several health issues which we are going to discuss here. So, let's talk about nutritional facts of orange. An orange of approximately 100 grams(g) having diameter(2-3/9") does have nearly 50 To 53 grams of vitamin c. Not only orange fruit but orange juice also contain this vital vitamin. Juice yielded by an orange weighs 100 gram will provide you 45 to 49 mg of vitamin c which is half of the prescribed daily intake. According to harvard experts, the recommended intake of vitamin c per day for a male adult is 95 milligrams. For women 75 to 80 mg have been proven healthy. Even if you eat above recommended quantity, vitamin c intake has not been considered unhealthy to that much extend. 
Eating oranges orange a lot of benefits among which some has been described down below:

orange for healthy skin and weight loss

Losing weight

Orange juice helps burning calories, as its an excellent source of vitamin c, a sophisticated agent for lessening belly fat. 
In this era of fast foods, chocolates and other high calorie diet which has become addiction of many, people are gaining kilos dramatically fast. Plus regularly having high-fat products is also one of the reasons for increasing rate of obescity. In this scenerio world needs to turn to natural and fresh foods.

If you're committed to get slim, working out daily, taking low calorie diet, adding 1-3 servings of this high fiber fruit in your menu would be a sane idea.  
But do not eat them in the evening rather at morning. Obviously you won't like to lay with gases in the belly, so take it before sunset.

This natural medicine eliminates the toxins which are accumulated in intestines and purifies them to give your body a decent shape by removing the residues sticken with walls of your gut. Being a natural purifier, orange works well against constipation too.

Experts advice to drink a glass of fresh orange juice half an hour before having breakfast for maximum results and wait at least 2 hours after completing your lunch.

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It's our body's defence system which protects it from foreign invaders(germs,infection) if you've weak immune system you're more likely to get infected by diseases.But if your immune system is  Strong ,you're strong & your skin is healthy.
Orange as a citrus fruit are great source of vitamin C, it is a potent antioxidant & cofactor gene regulatory enzymes.
Vitamin C found in oranges contributes to our body's immune defence by supporting various cellular functions of both innate & adaptive immune system.
what if you're Vitamin c deficient?
You can guess the importance of vitamin C by this that if you've deficiency of Vitamin c, it will cause impaired immune system and infections will take your body as an easy target,Thus,as a source of Vitamin C,orange helps in making up the deficiency of this Vital Vitamin.


Orange is most widely grown citrus fruit for many reasons. Vitamin c, fibre, calcium which orange does contain, helps in reducing aging effects. It will not be wrong to say: Orange has synonymous with vitamin C, high content of vitamin C is one of the reasons for calling it "King of citrus fruits". 

Either you drink or eat both are good for your skin. Many nutritionists says that eating orange and than drinking a glass of water is good idea rather than serving industrially prepared sugary juice. Fresh and naturally extracted orange juice has less fibre as compare to orange.On the other hand some researchers also concluded that orange juice has certain nutrients which might aid you in easy absorpation.

Orange also contain limonene, which is beneficial for protection against skin Cancer. 


Orange juice works as an antidepressant too. Drinking orange juice in an empty stomach may provide relief from depression, means oranges are natural SSRIs. 
Eat them in moderate and balanced form when your stomach demanding it, because balance in everything is necessary for better results. 

Again, it needs to be reminded you that eating them before bedtime is unhealthy.

Bones and teeth

When we talk about orange, the only vitamin which comes in everyone's mind is C but not many will know that oranges are actually a source of magnesium as well. Magnesium, a trace element which is necessary for strong bones. It has positive effect on teeth, in fact a must nutrient for strong gnashers.
Magnesium in orange also strengthens nervous system. Some research papers have shown that limonoids found in it are able to stop the production of breast cancer cells. Eating this delicious citrus fruit of winter also helps against arteriosclerosis.

Fascinating points:

Oranges are 89 percent water, containing least quantity of calories. 100 grams of this vitamin C enriched fruit can provide you 56% of daily supplements.