Why do we often wrongly defines success?

As you know, this is a question that keep arising in our minds often and most of our life we don't get the answer, why ? because we have have fixed imaginations about success in our thinking machines. It 's something deeper ... something that you actually have to answer!. We're all different. all extraordinary. We have different skills, desire, motivations, goals. To succeed in your life, you will not have to do it in the same way as your neighbor, you need  to be focused in your domain.
Multiple objectives  drive the individual, we are constructed beings, influenced by our education, by our environment too. Definition of term success in life evolves according to these factors. Perhaps you are looking for wealth first, or love or family life or tranquility.
There is no happiness. A success. There are as many as there are individuals.
So to understand how to succeed in life, you have to understand what you really want and follow these values ​​that drive us. Money is only important to whoever values ​​it.
The only thing that everyone will agree on is that to be successful you have to make an effort. Maintain a solid motivation.
Design a detailed action plan . And never let go. Because you never really know how far from what you call success you are…

How to succeed in life with happiness?

Asking yourself this kind of thing is already looking for a way, a way to move forward. And in this sense, it is a very good thing. What I notice over time and experience is that the notion of happiness is shrouded in mystery. As if we didn't want to understand it and approaching it was dangerous.
What about your happiness? Is it hidden by a smoke screen? Is it difficult to define? To make a success of your life, it is obviously on the notions of desire and objectives that you have to look ... but without forgetting the specificity that makes who you are.

Successful life with happiness: a state of mind above all

Take a test. Go to bed tonight convincing yourself that you are happy. May all be well in your life. That the obstacles that you have in front of you are elements that you should not fear, because they will allow you to develop your potential , your inner strength.
Fall asleep with this conviction. When you get up tomorrow morning, decide to have a good day. To approach this new cycle with a smile. Stay calm and open. For you and for others. Show your joie de vivre to the people around you.
And at the end of the day, take stock. From your experiences. Of your relationships. Of your state of mind. And you will see that to succeed in life with happiness begins with a decision: that of being happy and making it a way of living.

What do you want ?

What matters is not responding to the canons of what television or your environment. There is no success. There is no goal. There's only what you want deep inside. Your values, your desires and what you do to follow them .
To succeed in life with happiness is simply to follow HIS ideal, not that of others. And if that seems obvious to you when reading me ... it is however something that we gain from repeating ourselves as the influences around us are numerous and sometimes push us to go astray.

How to succeed in life?

The subject is vast, the pressure enormous, the questioning incessant. When you ask yourself how to be successful in life, so do the images, so are the fears. Success, it sometimes seems to fit into a framework . Arise from a ready-made image.
Let me guess, when we talk to you about success, you see:
  • A family
  • A big house
  • A big dog
  • A big car
  • A well-stocked bank account
But what about YOUR dreams? Would you be ready to sacrifice them to satisfy a cliché imposed by our society?

Succeed in life VS succeed in YOUR life

If we all have dreams of greatness, this cannot have the same meaning for us. We're all different. Pleasure, joy and fulfillment therefore depend on our own factors .
Which of the following two individuals do you think is successful:
  • The trader who earns millions but lives in stress, loneliness, image worship and is unable to start a family
  • The former banker who left his environment to settle on the other side of the world and make wooden statuettes?
Happiness does not depend on money. It stems from the ability to match his daily life with his dream, his wildest desire. For some, the life of a trader corresponds to the image of success. For others, it is about going far away.
Before asking yourself "how to succeed in life" you should ask yourself exactly what you WANT to do with YOUR life.

Succeed in life: you are the only judge

Success is always evaluated by others. But in reality, no one has the legitimacy to judge your experience. It is not necessary to have a completely marginal existence to be happy.
An employee, married and father of two children can have more reasons for satisfaction in his life than a wealthy landowner or an entrepreneur brewing millions.
What matters, to succeed in life, is to be able to look in the mirror and tell yourself that every day, we build by following our desires and not those of others.
So I return the question to you: how do you think it is possible to succeed in life? You and you alone have the answer. Never forget that.

How to make a success of your life after a divorce?

In a society where the image is the guarantor of credibility and legitimacy, the separation in love is experienced as a failureIt is seen as proof of our inability to be happy. To make the other happy. So how do you go up the slope ?
Failure is something that weighs. Because it is accompanied by a heavy look. Difficult to pass judgment. Besides, if you listen around you, you will see that the word failure (or success) comes up much more often than the word experience.
But who keeps you from changing your point of view? To free yourself from the pressures of your environment? Person. Fortunately, because that's how you go about making a success of your life after a divorce.

From failure to learning

A conflict situation, difficult, is not only a shadow on the table of your life. It is also a great opportunity to bounce back . To be successful in your life after a divorce, you have to be objective when analyzing the road traveled.
Everything about this relationship was not negative. You have learned things. You now know what you want and what you no longer want in a romantic exchange . By definition, going through a separation restores confidence in its definition of the ideal partner and causes a feeling of significant freedom.
And it is this light, this positive that we must not forget to weigh in the balance.

Change is an ordeal… not an obstacle

Change is scary. Because instinctively, we focus on what we lose rather than what we can gain. Safety, comfort, habit, everything is called into question when you start a new life .
Is this negative, however? You can't say. What is certain is that to succeed in life after a divorce, you have to assume the desire. In itself, this decision takes you from a situation that was no longer livable to something new.
It is a work in progress. There is reconstruction work to be done. But isn't that also life? The few months following the formalization of the separation mark the beginning of a bereavement to operate.
And once it's crossed, it's really a second existence that begins. With its ups and downs but also a whole lot of certainties acquired on the way. Thanks to this ultimately more rewarding relationship than it seems.

How to succeed as a couple?

We all ask this question ... when we experience separation . Because let's be frank, it's often when it's too late that we start to think about the behaviors we should or could have adopted to avoid going into the wall.
Succeeding as a couple is obviously a necessity after which we all run. And it is also a daily challenge . Because strangely, when you settle into a relationship, you realize that you change, little by little. That what we did with pleasure and enthusiasm to seduce the other, we consider it a chore over time.
You understand, once again, it is in you that you will find the tools to spread happiness and love in your home.

What perception do you have of your couple?

Do you know the difference between your couple 3 years ago, when you met your partner, and your couple today? It's the habit . The habit you have of each other. By dint of being together, you may no longer really pay attention to each other.
In any case, this is something that is noted in many romantic relationships. Routine becomes a burden. And once the passion passed, one begins to analyze oneself from the angle of distrust. To think of yourself first. To note in the other what irritates us.
How to avoid it? Just thinking about it! Ask yourself: how do you consider your partner? Would you really do everything for him / her? What would your life be like without him / her?

Get out of this routine that kills the couple

To succeed as a couple, you have to make an effort. It's relentless logic. If love exists, it is not always sufficient as a mere feeling. It must be coupled with evidence. A fierce desire to demonstrate to the other that we care about him .
When was the last time you cooked up a surprise meal for your chosen one? When did you buy her a bouquet of flowers, just for the pleasure of seeing a smile on her lips? When did you invite him (her) to the restaurant for no particular reason rather than staying in front of an episode of your favorite series? When did you have activities, common hobbies?
These are the questions to ask yourself ... the actions to consider and the feelings to demonstrate. To succeed as a couple, you have to see the other as a pillar , a strength, a part of yourself. And not an individual who puts pressure on us.

How to succeed in family life?

You choose your friends, but you don't choose your family ... this perhaps illustrates your situation. Because let's be honest, each family has its secrets, its problems, its relationship difficulties. And in many cases, a facade hides all of this.
What is certain is that the family is a united entity at the heart of which a struggle for the personal affirmation of each of its members exists. It doesn't have to be confrontational, thank God. And there are ways for everyone to benefit.
But I invite you in spite of everything not to stop at the traditional image which wants that the "blood" takes precedence over everything and must give priority to such or such member of the family over another. Cohesion depends on everyone's efforts. To succeed in family life , certain values must therefore be respected.

Personal affirmation must be the subject of a dialogue

There is nothing worse than a community of people trapped in the illusion of loneliness. From the moment each member of a family thinks that the rest is working against him, chaos prevails.
To avoid this, it is important to leave room for dialogue . Children and parents should be able to speak freely about their desires, needs, fears, what works and what doesn't.
The freedom to express yourself from the bottom of your heart and the feeling of being supported , listened to, appreciated, are necessities for a successful family life . And that goes through communication and compromise (within the reasonable framework of course).

Respect diversity and cement the family group

Conflicts often arise from a kind of rigor, from a lack of adaptability of the rules that exist in a family. So of course discipline is necessary. But perhaps it must adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of each .
Highlighting family members is a good way to allow them to gain confidence in themselves, and in the group itself. Do not hesitate to delegate, not to follow this image of the head of the family who makes decisions and who we follow without daring to say a word.