Carrot is a super & juicy root with lots of medicinal nutrients

Carrot is a super & juicy root with lots of medicinal nutrients

Some benefits of consuming carrots?

Carrots in your home kitchen
have healing properties for several health issues.

This tasty vegetable is good for:
  • Eyesight 
  • Skin
  • Teeth
  • Cholesterol 
  • Intestines
It would not be wrong to say that carrots are in the list of most widely grown roots around the globe. A super and juicy root with lots of medicinal nutrients. 

They have orange colour because of the presence of pigment roots in them. An uncooked fresh carrot comprised approximately 89% water, 7.7% of carbohydrates which is more than any other vegetable. On the other hand, carrots have no precontains,  harmful lipids. A small quantity of protein is found in carrots. 2.6% of these orange coloured roots are fiber, higher than any other vegetable.


Since childhood we are being told: You need to eat carrots for better eyesight. Good news, it's absolutely true fact regarding this food and proven by medical researchers, carrots are definitely beneficial for your eyes, which are our natural cameras. 

Carrots having bunch of beta-carotene, a chemical which stomach converts to vitamin A. Vitamin A is a nutrient with bunch healing properties for eyes.  

Let me share another interesting fact, further vitamin A gets converted into rodopsine. Rodopsine is a substance which helps us see better at night. Beta-carotene also aids in prevention of blindness and low vision in later life means better for your Grandparents and seniors as well.

But Carrots are not as tasty as orange 

Even if these roots are not tasty enough, still eat them for the sack of benefits it possesses.

Did you know?

Vitamin A has been nicknamed as "eye vitamin" by physicians because of its positive impact on eye health.

Eye retina contain cells that may give a black and white image with even the slightest glimmer of light. 

A patient with vitamin A deficiency might loss its ability to distinguish the contrast between light and dark. In short, the patient can experience blindness due to not taking enough of vitamin A.

According to a professor from University of harvard, Vitamin A deficient men and women are at high risk of developing night blindness. 

Macular degeneration 

Things do not end here, Carrot is one of the medicinal foods which may help against macular degeneration, macular degeneration is an age related eye disease causes blurry vision. Thus, carrots left no reason for to keep them away from diet.

How much vitamin are there in a single carrot?

50 g of raw carrot holds 0.75 milligrams(mg) of vitamin A.

How much vitamin A do you need everyday for healthy vision?

For children:  

A baby of 1-4 month requires 0.5 mg vitamin A per day

From the age of 4 months to 4th birthday a baby need 0.6 mg vitamin A.

At the age of 4 to under 7 years the recommended daily dose is 0.7 mg.

Children of 7 to under 10 years required 0.8 milligrams(mg) of eye vitamin.

For 10 to 13 years old, the per day recommended consumption of vitamin A is 0.9 mg.


For the male of 13 to under 15 years old the recommended per day dosage of vitamin A is 1.1 mg, slightly higher than girls which is 1 mg.

For 15 to 19 years old teenager boys 1.1 mg of vitamin A are recommended while for girls 0.9 mg is daily requirement.


An adult man of age between 19 to 65 years should consume 1 mg and for an adult woman 0.8 mg Vitamin A is needed in a day.

How much vitamin A do an expecting mother requires?

Pregnant women should consume 1.1 mg vitamin everyday from 4th month of pregnancy.

Myths: There are numerous carrot-eye related myths circling around the globe ever since WW2 and often it becomes a hot topic on reddit but it doesn't mean that carrots have nothing good for eyes and all of their retinol goodness being discussed here is a misconception. 

Although there are myths but not everything is a folk tale.

Carrot  have genuine benefits for eye, rhodopsin production is extremely necessary to improve night vision.

Which one is better for Eyesight, raw Carrot or Carrot juice?

In short, both uncooked food and juice have remedies for those with weak eyesight.

But, If you need more beta carotene, than opt for juice because carrot juice contains comparatively more of vitamin A than uncooked roots.

But carrot juice would provide you less fiber and more sugar.

Instead of using juice as carrot eyedrops, make a glass of fresh carrot juice and enjoy it, as its a natural medicine that prevents retina related diseases. 

Juicy carrots are best and super foods in your kitchen to turn to, for a homemade healthy beverage with lots of nutrients. Drink juice and eat raw vegetables as well, not everything is a tale from WW2.


Out of the most clinically proved health benefits of carrot, its ability to naturally increase the tan stands out. Once again credit goes to beta-carotene, a natural activator of melanin , the substance responsible for giving color to the epidermis as a response to exposure to sunlight

Did you know? beta-carotene is highly beneficial for skin too. In the first place, its beta-carotene's antioxidant action that safeguards your skin from dryness. Foods containing antioxidants are always considered great for skin. The vitamin A produced from beta-carotene regenerates skin. The beta-carotene can alsoexaggerates the skin complexion without stimulating your tan as we have alwaysimagined. In fact, previous scientific researches have shown that beta-carotene is deposited in the deepest part of the carrot skin, the reason behind amber color of carrots

Skin will  glow much better if you're having carrots more frequently in your eating schedule. Carrot allows us getting a radiant skin. Once again the vitamin A that body gets from the beta-carotene jumps in to protect skin from the sun. In addition, the notorious vitamin C and phosphorus in carrots ensure that skin remains elastic. A protected and tight skin, so thanks to our orange friends! 


It might surprise you but it is possible for this humble vegetable to replace teeth whitening at the dentist, research has proved it so. 

When you eat raw carrots, it cleans your mouth and teeth with it. 

Raw roots increases saliva production in your mouth, so that the acidity in your mouth is preserved, your tooth enamel remains strong and dental erosion can be prevented. Raw carrot ensures that food scraps and plaque are scraped off your teeth.


Thousands of times you would have heard that carrot is filled with a lot of vitamins and other beneficial substances, but did you also know that carrots are a good source of fiber? Thanks to the soluble fibers carrots contain, soluble fiber is the cause of roots having a lowering effect on your cholesterol level, which reduces your possibilty of getting struck by cardiovascular diseases. Interestingly Carrots also contain potassium which lowers blood pressure. 


We have already discussed it, these roots are enriched with fiber. Not only these fibers are balancing your cholesterol levels, but also keeps your intestines healthy. Fiber in carrot helps to improve your intestinal flora, so that the good bacteria in your intestines are nourished and you are less likely to suffer from intestinal diseases. Eating carrots will give you a regular bowl movement because fiber in carrots is a blessing for stomach. Here we only talked about these five decent health benefits but it doesn't mean you don't have any other reasons to eat carrot, carrots purifies your blood, vitamins and mineral salts of carrot speeds up the process of blood purification in your body. Amazing for hair and skin, healthy for liver, carrots contain a package of natural remedies. Another fascinating fact about carrot is that this root acts as an antidiarrheal and laxative. A universal fact that carrots are ultra tasty, should be enough to convince you to add more carrots in your winter diet. These orange roots are filled with several essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, folic acid and phosphorus, all of which have other benefits. For example, eating carrot helps to build strong bones and teeth, maintain a healthy nervous system and normal blood pressure. We are in any case up! Curious how you can use carrot in different dishes? Next week we have a recipe for something tasty in store for you, so stay tuned !

Wait... Things do not end here!!

Carrots have diuretic and purifying nature, excellent healer for cystitis, kidney stones and other urinary tract related issues. 

Carrot is an amazing healing agent, credit goes to this root's antiseptic nature, which is not effective against ulcers and inflammations but also mucous membranes.

Carrot is filled with sugar reserves, owing to this we shall not forget that doctors consider it a caloric vegetable, it is advisable for athletes to have carrots before match because post-race snacks would excellently work to keep you energetic.

A cup of this vitamin A enriched vegetable contains 52 calories, 10 grams of carbohydrates, 5 grams of fiber, 7 gram sugar and a gram of protein.

Summary: In this article we discussed health benefits of carrots for Eyesight, skin, teeth, cholesterol, weight loss, intestines, but this is a short list. Carrots are healthy for several other complications as well.